In Bangkok’s don Muang airport is the new Terminal

The company, The Airports of Thailand (AOT) opened the new Terminal at the airport don Mueang (Bangkok) for domestic flights, reported the FACT.
The Terminal is capable of up to 11.5 million passengers a year, and with six rows of modern Check-in counters with the 70 Windows. Including 10 racks for passengers with reduced mobility.

Currently the Terminal the passengers, but the shops, restrooms and Restaurants up to 100% is not taken into operation. Completely ready for operation of new Terminal can be considered only with. February 2016.

The don Muang airport currently serves domestic and international flights loukost carrier, including the Thai Smile, Nok Air, Thai AirAsia, Thai Lion Air, Orient Thai Airlines, etc

The capacity of the airport is 28 million passengers a year, with the final commissioning of the new passenger Terminal, it will be up to 40 million passengers.