In Anapa in holidays free guided tours

RIA Novosti. Dmitry Peddlers

From 3. up to 6. January in Anapa, within the framework of the action “I love your city” for all interested parties to be carried out free guided hikes, reports a press-service of the Ministry of resorts and tourism of Krasnodar Region.

In the Department, that the guided tours take place 3, 4, 5 and 6. January at 11.00 am and 12.00 PM. All those interested, the tour guide will wait at this time has the Christmas tree on the theatre square.

“The duration of the route is approximately one and a half hours. During this time, the participants of the hikes, the something about the history of Anapa and the main attractions, immerse yourself in the world of legends and secrets of the ancient Горгиппии, through the quiet streets, enjoying the atmosphere of the city-Resort”, it says in the message.

The organizers of the action “I love your city” has been the administration according to the Spa-Resort complex and tourism of administration of Anapa and the Association “tourism and Sightseeing company Anapa”, the 15 companies.

Of each the tour operator is highlighted tour guide leads the free pedestrian walk to Anapa. The subject and the Route of each of them leaders to develop individually, so that all the excursions are diverse and unique, has in the Ministry.