How and what the meeting in the year 2016?

The new year 2016 on the Eastern calendar – year of the fire-red monkeys. It is the ninth sign of the Eastern horoscope, in the group of animals Yang (male). According to the European he is the ruler of 2016 monkey closest to the sunlight sign of Leo. This means: if the fun – in width and up tomorrow, if the dinner is a rich and sophisticated (as in the food and beverages, communication).

What brings the year 2016?

Monkey – intelligent, restless, curious, pretty eccentric, likes to shock and be the center of attention, and also play on the audience. But it is still with the Old times believed a Symbol of insight, wisdom, frugality, and extraordinary wisdom.

If in the new year with a clear mind, reason and bright thoughts, then, is the animal of the Eastern calendar does not promise to create serious obstacles, but, on the contrary to help you find the wisdom and create favorable conditions for the new in the rest of her life. The authority, which are of crucial steps and successful in the long term be guaranteed. Who carefully and thoughtfully, is the right to make important decisions that will be working in the fields, in the context of the intellectual and creative activities, the Analytics, is on the top of the peak of the career.

Item 2016 – fire, and this means that the basic characteristics of the year – momentum, renewal, rebirth, rise, strive upward, brightness, warmth and energy. People under the sign of the monkey, original, and resourceful, very quickly be able to any challenge, determined and непреклонные, although not devoid of flexibility and diplomacy. And it gives you UPS and downs, but they are back with admirable tenacity to rise on the legs, courageous step forward to his goal.

The concrete Situation of the representatives of this brand is always appreciate, sober, with a sober mind, excellent, and excellent powers of observation and Intuition. If you look very closely to the habits of the monkeys, and in a similar way, try to lead itself, in the coming year, 2016, then you win the patronage. And then you are unique in the whole accompany a lot of happiness and of course good luck always accompany hard-working, enterprising, ambitious and goal-oriented people.

Monkey дальновидна and clever in financial matters, you is able to profitably invest. East horoscope recommends that you to try their business to make well-balanced, not to spend too much, but, on the contrary, try to increase them. And then all the financial matters in the year 2016 only have a positive impact. Feng Shui experts recommend that you have the whole year in 2016 money, enough to wrap the silver coin in silk a handkerchief and put them in the pocket of a jacket or pant, preferably in the left.

What celebrate the New year 2016?
2016 red fire monkey to meet, must in the natural fabrics (velvet, Organza, silk, Satin, leather), red, dark pink or Burgundy, but also have others (orange, Gold, yellow, mother of pearl, coral, and red). In clothing, the most preferred fire (“languages flame”) or silvery tones, as they all juicy, vibrant and always bring happiness and success.

New year’s eve-style to realize the beauty and grace – Mini-skirts or dresses: evening in the ground, with slots, Cocktail, high waisted, with bare shoulders.

Clothes must, in order to attract attention, so rich you decorate the neck, waist, sleeves corresponding rhinestones and beads or a little embroidery.

In the new year’s eve 2016 in the clothing must be felt in the brilliance and extravagance.

What a festive table?

One of the most important rules for the creation of new year’s eve menu on the year of the monkey is that the table must be rich and varied. Better make salads smaller, but more by your number. Especially pay attention to the cold appetizers and Desserts, sweets, and fruit.

All dishes need to be, is nicely decorated, and served in the best салатниках and vases. Pay attention to the decoration new year’s table in 2016, everything must be on the height. Make Songs with balls and tinsel, monkeys enjoy the Shine.

What are the ingredients of salads, enjoy monkeys? First, it is cheese. There exists the opinion that it is these animals will love it even more than bananas. Fixed or sheep’s milk cheese, doesn’t matter. Secondly, eggs – you monkeys Varnish with great joy. And finally, red and orange vegetables for the support of the elements of fire – carrots, tomatoes, peppers.

Loves exotic animals and watermelons. And color in these berries suitable for the coming year – red.

Sure, a cheese plate with fruit, nuts and honey. Don’t forget about the Christmas dishes in 2016, in terms of фуршетному table. It serves appetizers, tartlets with caviar, and other treats. You must many ways to the apes was, what to choose.