Hotel book, surprised its guests on Business VIII meeting

Unforgettable emotions and good mood gave his guests at the 2. In August the Team hotel book in Hotel “Holiday Inn Lesnaya”. To listen to Business VIII meeting, held in the framework of the decade project, gathered clients and partners, about the latest company news, discuss current issues and entertainment program, the representatives of the “Хотелбук-Service”.

The Business meeting began with the presentation of the services and the novelties of the reservation service hotel, while the head of marketing at Elmira Абдурашитова told about the history of the company and how this project evolved over a period of ten years.

“It all started with the Association on a Website immediately offers from various global suppliers.Hotel book, the first implemented System the output of the results “removed”, the gradually increasing range of Hotels, and after a few years began, and other services. For 10 years the project was not only one of the leading companies in the offer of the Hotels (including more than 3 000 in Russia and the CIS countries), but allowed to finish its users to create “key”: Transfers, air and railway tickets, registration of insurance, Visa support, tours. All of this is for a reservation system in real time,” she said.

The speaker reminded the about support options that allow customers to save time: a request, rooms and Hotel are looking for with the help of geolocation, the ability to add their own mark-up on each service individually, and create user profiles for the simplification of the Organisation of missions.

“Our main task booking engine, hotel as easy as possible for our customers,” said Elmira.

After the conclusion of the presentation on the improvised stage CEO “Хотелбук-Service” Alexei Krylov, together with the guests his Vision of the market, the Trends and the further development direction.

In his speech, separately, Alex pointed out to the quality of the product as one of the most important parameters, told about the order of processing of requests in the hotel book and shared some of the secrets of the organization of the business processes in the company.

So, for all Online orders check cheap Broker, where everyone is responsible for his Region knows and its own characteristics. The Broker communicates directly with the Hoteliers, understands what to do незаселения guest is in the case. Thus, the quality and reliability of the services provided. Alexey Krylov on the topic of diversification of the economy, stressed that many improvements have been made, at the request of the customer and for you.

“For example, booking a ticket, not much income, and the flight tickets can be booked without fees, but these services need to for our users, so we had to implement them,” said the managing Director of the “Хотелбук-Service”.

And then the command “Хотелбук-Service” decided to surprise your guests an unusual surprise.

“In order to decide this or that task, the Team hotel book always gives his best on 100%, sometimes it’s like magic,” said Elmira Абдурашитова,and proposed to verify this first-Hand.

The organizers of the event really guests surprised with the invitation of a magician and illusionist Nicholas Фомушина, who showed the audience how miracles do happen: the power of thoughts before the eyes of all the bent forks, towels flew, угадывались cards and it was snowing! Joy and smile non-participants to get out with people.

The event ended with the drawing of the memorable prices of project hotel book and its partners – the insurance company ERV, in the Person of Natalia Malinowska and news portal TRN-news. Then all waited for a delicious Breakfast, during which the audience enjoyed микромагией – Nikolai showed some breathtaking Tricks, and the guests thanked the command hotel book for bright and positive event.

The Material was by the editors