Horoscope for the year 2016 for all of the characters

We will be presenting the astrological predictions for the year 2016 the year of the fire monkey for all 12 signs of the zodiac! So, Chinese new year, 2016 monkey begins at 8. February 2016 and ends on 27. January of 2017. This year, monkey is Fiery, so in accordance with the Chinese calendar lucky color for the year 2016, as we have already said, in other materials, is red.

The monkey is the ninth sign in the Chinese astrology. The number “9” associated with the ambition, activity, the mind, the Ungezogenheit and love for adventure.

Aries and waiting for a nice year – planets lined up the way you need! But you need to think about the priorities and focus on achieving their goals, everything ran like clockwork. Despite the fact that the difficulties in the future not to avoid, your strength and inner peace will help you to overcome it. In this year, they will be even stronger and more confident.

If you have not the node is bound, you will probably begin a new relationship. It is also possible to pregnancy.

The stars recommend, from April to September to think about the new fact, maybe do the new business. So take doubt and, as with the finances, they have no problems.

For calves 2016 will be a difficult year. You need to allow serious conflict between their inner world and the reality. The achievement of material success, you must focus on the inner sensations, trying to become stronger, not more on the error.

Try to surround yourself with people who support you and with whom you feel comfortable. Because if you can’t decide, your tasks in this year, then there will always be more difficult, so they have no fear that the support part.

In personal life, the Situation is better – lonely, see the second half of his circle of friends and family realize that your marriage became even stronger than before.

With the finances, it will be necessary to apply more accurate, rather distribute the costs, think about new variants of the income. Maybe you have new quotations on the work, you do not hasten to dismiss her, and carefully thought of everything, you should consider the possibilities.

The twins , the stars recommend to stop all ongoing projects before embarking on new ones. Usually to become a successful financial year, as well as improvements in their personal lives, due to the fact that in your sign is Jupiter.

Also the health will not disappoint you, especially the influx of force by July 2016, so it’s time to get rid of bad habits.

Cancers in the year 2016 will be full of optimism and self-esteem, what helps to be successful, such as at work and in your personal life.

You have finally there are forces, time and desire, with the family недопониманиями and other difficulties with the people you love.

You can also succeed, the heights in the work, the main thing – not to fear, to strive to Express his opinion, as you with your wishes and beliefs.

Jupiter helps Lions win optimism and achieve the various heights in the economy and in private life. So it is time to put all your skills and all efforts to achieve long-planned goals to achieve.

To everything in life was well-balanced, not to forget, to hear, to relatives, friends and experts in your area.

You have a Chance on the love of life, when they are alone.

For virgins begins the time of self-awareness and creative flow, as we must, to be successful in the work or in business, but also in your personal life. It is in a relationship with a loved one will surely come the changes, which is necessary, not only to follow, but happy to be with you for the benefit. The year will be good for the love and building new relationships.

In the new year for you, not the superfluous will learn new knowledge, will be beneficial, a second training. You are able to develop new talents, unexpected skills.

Be careful with the finances in the first half of the year, so as they “pull” on unnecessary spending.

Around the year 2016 a “hurrah”, weights need to connect your imagination to the creativity. Now you need to determine what they want from life, as you develop your career, what changes do you expect in your personal life.

In this year, the family will be for you in the first place (as favorable pregnancy), but they are in the position to succeed and on the other arenas.

Do not miss the new projects and tenders. Jupiter will help you not worry about the finances and to go forward.

Despite the fact that, in General, problems with health are not expected, but pay attention to your mental state, which may be unstable in the first half of the year.

Scorpions waiting on the year of personal successes and breakthroughs. Now, it is important to understand about radical changes and not be afraid to go forward.

They are all forces, in order to understand what you need to be happy and to achieve that, then you will begin to enjoy life.

In the second half of the year 2016 is waiting for you a lot of hard work, all the same more productive, and help you with the desired changes in life.

If you forget or not able to care of your health in the second half of the year, you may experience difficulties with the health.

I shooter serious changes. You are in the personal growth, and you get a lot of useful and so the desired suggestions in the new year 2016.

But in personal relationships is not only rosy – you have to seriously think about what you want, and to be careful in relation to Partner, regardless of his Status. Only in April you will be able to relax a little and enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

With the finances all in order, the main thing – the Balance between income and expenditure.

Capricorns have the strategy in action in the year 2016, the help to be successful in all areas of life.

You have a good chance to learn new and improve the skills you already possess.

You will most likely have you end the relationship, the “brakes”, but the gap is not painful, but opens the door to a new, happy future.

Jupiter will help you to move forward – towards success.

For the Aquarius the time has come to start the desired contacts and meetings with a completely new set of people, some of which have all the chances of their close friends.

A little creativity will help you in work. 2016 – it’s time to do something new, so do not be afraid, go on about your Hobbies.

The financial side is unstable and until July brings little joy, the main thing – do not despair, everything will soon get better.

Personal life is difficult, however, November is favorable for the beginning of a new relationship or pregnancy.

Fish waiting for a good year full of possibilities. It is very important to not be afraid of change and take advantage of every opportunity, the possibility.

You need to be realistic and refuse from the creative side, then everything goes like clockwork.

All of our plans, finally begins to be listed in 2016, and you are able to achieve much. With the finances, no trouble, so you can the investments.

All of the problems in your personal life before, disappear of themselves, and, above all, feel good married or married Pisces in your marriage back the passion and romance.
With the health, also no problems to be expected.