Holidays abroad in the year 2016 cost twice as expensive than in the Russian Federation

The Russian Newspaper

Foreign tours in the new year to rise even more due to the rising prices of the US Dollar and the Euro, forecast the experts of the tourism industry.

Including for this reason, many choose the recovery on the Russian directions. On average, турпутевка for a week on the Russian seaside resort in the summer of the new year will cost about 17 thousand rubles, said the “WG” Vice-President of the Russian Union of travel Industry (PCT), Yuri Барзыкин. “I think that the flight will be minimal of seven thousand Euro, Plus accommodation. So in totality, the average price for a one-week holiday to the people — about 17 thousand rubles”, — he has noticed.

It is, in the opinion of experts, holidays abroad will cost 2-2,5 times as expensive. “In the first line through the trip, the Dollar and the Euro. Well, in Russia we have for additional services to pay rubles, it is always cheaper. For comparison: in Europe a lunch costs on average 20 Euro, in Russia, the money can not even good food”, — said Yuri Барзыкин.

However, the expert believes that the whole of foreign recreation of our tourists not to give up. “You can see that on enquiries, bookings. I think driving less, but advantageous to combine different types of tourism in a round, so that, conditionally, and see the sights, swim. That is, cultural-cognitive Rest is used in combination with relaxing. Still sure some of the reduction in the category of Hotels, the choice is more than cheap tours. Also, it is requested cross-border tours, which allow you to see two-three-countries-drive. Perhaps the combination of traveling abroad for business purposes, the expert believes. And, of course, reduced time limits and number of trips. Not on 10-11 days and 2-3 times a year for a week and less”. The leaders of the foreign recovery, in the opinion of the Vice-President of the PCT, the warm European countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, and the “beach” facing South-East-Asia, e.g. in Thailand. Good prospects in Israel. But in Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic demand will fall because of the high prices.

The expert also called the new exotic destinations for vacation in the coming year.

Interview with Yuri Барзыкиным read in the first room “WG” in the year 2016.