Ho Chi Minh city to beautify 720-meters-road colors

In February 2016 Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam) to decorate the big street party colors, reported the Ministry of tourism of the country.
The festival officially starts at 7:00 PM 5. February, three days before the Lunar New year.

The Festival is already the thirteenth to the bill, up to 12. February, that a day is longer than the previous holiday.

Flower Parade will take place along the road Nguyen Hue, and from Thanh Tong Le street Duc Thang Ton on the entire length of 720 meters. In the vicinity of the hotel Le Loi-Nguyen Hue-street colors will be in three thematic areas: “solidarity and peace”, “the dynamism and creativity” and “Integration, prosperity”. The main theme of the festival this year is the believe in a better and peaceful future.

The area around the Mausoleum of Ho-Chi-Minh-path with 36 huge vases with flowering trees apricot.

For the construction of floral traces organizers only natural materials, including Rattan and bamboo.