FPK is planning in 2016 to carry on the cruise ship on routes of more than 3 million Chinese tourists

MOSCOW, 29. December. /TASS/. Open society “the Federal passenger company” (FPK, a subsidiary of RZD) expects in 2016 to carry on внутрироссийским cruise routes not less than 3 thousand Chinese tourists. Reported TASS the first Deputy General Director FPK Vladimir Каляпин.

“In the coming year, we expect to may about 3 thousand Chinese people in special tourist trains for the VIP class, who will be travelling from Ekaterinburg through Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and back in Yekaterinburg. In Yekaterinburg tourists come by plane from Shanghai,” he said.

Only in the year 2016, it is planned, about 18-20 flights in the VIP Segment and the development of the tours in Economy class, after the Large tea-way — of Cheats Irkutsk to Novosibirsk.

This year FPK has already some Pilot flights. For example, in August 2015 272 tourists from the people’s Republic of China in the framework of the project “tea way” within 8 days and travelled through the annular Route Manchuria — Chita — Ulan-ude — Irkutsk — Manchuria with 1-2 day stops in cities along the way.

In the Segment of cruise-VIP Transport in August-September 2015, the project special tourist train “Sha Huang Hao” (“train of kings”) on the route Moscow — St. Petersburg — Kirov — Ekaterinburg and back for groups of tourists from the people’s Republic of China a total of 320 persons.

Tour operators and operators of transport of the Russian side the company “RZD-Tour” — a specialized company in the Holding company of the RZD in the field of tourism and irregular tourism traffic.