Flight from Mumbai to London started because of the rats on Board


Passenger plane of company Air India started on a half of the way from Mumbai to London, after on Board, was sighted rat. About it reports BBC News.

Flight AI 131 flew over Iran, when one of the passengers, said the Steward, said that the rodents. The plane immediately back to the airport, where the passengers were transplanted on the other Liner. Board, on which was probably the rat, the machine fumigation. After that, the machine is thoroughly searched, but no trace of the presence of the animal is not found.

Nevertheless, according to the words of the operators, the decision on the termination of the flight was absolutely justified: the rodents on Board are a serious threat — they can gnaw through wire, or bite someone of the passengers.

The airline is Air India airline, India, its aircraft commit, both domestic and international flights. The company is fully owned by the state. Airport of Mumbai is one of the most important Hubs of the airline.

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