Festive tourism more lives, or where all the same have decided, the Russians


With his parting words, the Russians are already in rosturizm, this is only an appeal of travelling in Europe because of the risk of terrorist attacks came, seems overdue. Plans built, which, in turn, on the registration of close, but, as suggested employees “of the air fleet”, “no surprises”. As expected, the demand for Christmas the capital was little less than a year earlier. Yet met and those who are his plans changed: Maxim and his wife traded holiday in Europe on the Indian exoticism: — We are flying for the New year in Goa. First, we decided at all in Prague, but in the context of Europe, migrants, we have decided to exotics to see more.

— That is to say, it was as a solution?

— No, we spontaneously decided. Now Is Germany: Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf. The Situation peacefully. Running couple with Ski-backup policy to discuss, I will not only the mood vermiese. I write “migrants”, “attacks”, I think in the head. How are things with Paris? Predictable. Many of those who fly KLM, with a stop in Amsterdam — so quiet. On non-stop flights AirFrance — without excitement. Italy — this is where life is! There are lots of tourists: some fly in ломбардийские Alps, the other in Milan. Traveler alla fly in Venice, not without fear, but that is so far away from the European problems. — How to handle or have handled these sorts of warnings on the part of the Ministry of foreign Affairs about the political Situation, not anxious?

— With a bit of trepidation, but I think this is the direction Italy — Europe, but far away from the events. Then there is calm?

— Yes, I think there it is quiet. I think that there are no problems.

Pillar Terminal F is almost deserted. Two dozen people, of which almost half of the foreigners expect flight after Transplantation. In Norway and the 16-year-old Ramzan: do not Ski, but related:

— I came out of the terrible and go today, in Norway, in Oslo.

— I see you with any Ski. Maybe you’re going to relatives, but not to drive.

— Yes, relatives to entertain, and to celebrate the New year. With his brother, I lived in Norway with childhood to 8 years. I want to go back to Norway for two weeks.

— It is beautiful back there?

— Of course it is nice, and there, and here pleasant. I was in Spain, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Poland.

Like now you think — it is dangerous, unsafe, it is normal in Norway?

— In Norway, for sure. And on the inner lines closely. On the eve for lunch from the Terminal D) in Sochi has been used is a four-flight. On Saturday in the village “rosa Khutor” was officially opened in the winter season.

28. December was a law in force, the minimum size of the insurance for tourists travelling abroad. The sum of the insurance amounts to two million euros to the official rate of the Bank of Russia, at the time of conclusion of the contract of voluntary insurance. The insurance company acquires conditionally mandatory, in fact it is voluntary. That is, in the case of the cancellation insurance Tourist insurance claim themselves to pay for their treatment and Transport assumes all of the risks.

As previously explained, the head of the Russian Union of insurers Igor Jurgens, “if there is an emergency, the person concerned or their family members will begin after the rescue operation of the Ministry of emergency situations and other ministries”. “Now is the Tourist, the by the insurance, all risks that can occur during the journey, takes”, — he has noticed.