Extras to book: choose a reliable supplier

The volume of Online bookings by independent travelers is constantly growing, distrust of the market of package tours and a significant increase in the prices. In this Situation, travel agents, earlier ориентировавшимся predominantly on tours to the new Segment of the market and are looking for ways to attract users.

At the same time, a new audience, the Chance of additional profits and the other participants representative of the Online Segment and for the commercial – banks, retail chains, sales points the immediate vicinity to be booked to the popular bloggers and portals for the traveler. Enough on your Website to download the module for Online booking or “Electronic cash” on your Computer in the office. A this will help to distinguish an existing company, and others – are opening up new opportunities to generate income.

You do not develop their own technology-nuclear reservation systems of companies no sense: it can be expensive and the cost of creating a long time did not pay off. Therefore, the search for a reliable provider, it is worthwhile that offers favorable conditions and a competent technical support. Exactly at this point, a doubt may arise, to confidence which company, and of whose services is to be dispensed. Below you will find some tips that will help you to Orient in the choice of a partner.

– Specify the volume of the customer base. Proven technology vendors, in General, there is a large Pool of contractors. Some of them can be company as a small funds, large and well-known. Do not hesitate to call and speak with them for the reliability and binding nature of potential suppliers.

– Pre-evaluate the connection conditions and the following calculations. Find out what fees are charged if the connection to the System of the supplier, whether the teilnehmergebhr for use.To understand N емаловажно, how will your profit. This is a fixed amount per sale or a percentage, of the parts at the end between you and an Aggregator. Pay attention to the size of the Commission. Remember that effective and safe technologies are rarely “free”. In any case, all clarify these matters prior to conclusion of the contract. You should have a clear idea about the services for which you pay and, as a result, their customers.

Appreciate the possibilities that the technology can provide. Today, about half of the market for Online bookings of air travel. However, this is not the only Segment of travel where you can earn. Continue to very popular Hotels. Quickly find the the travel Segment is growing with the train due to the growth of domestic tourism and much cheaper compared to flight tickets. Therefore, you are looking for a provider that will be able to provide you and your audience a few options. It is important that aggregators have direct contracts with the Train transport companies, airlines, Hotels.

– Ensure the provision of a full-fledged information security. The security of personal data and the reliability of Online transactions should be your priority. Thanks to her, the trust of customers to be formed. Make sure that the provider has the necessary security certificates and multi-level protection system data.

– Discuss in advance financial statements. All calculations must be transparent and supported by appropriate documentation.

– Find out how the technical support for the Partner. If you are committed to the at the technology Partner, that is to say, he is to take care of the technical Support both for you and for your customers. The ideal variant: the possibility of operating at experts any time, which means 24/7 -.

The current market of Online travel offers you reliable provider of a wide variety of techniques. One of them is, for example, the company “UFS”, which corresponds to the above-listed points. In addition, experts are always ready to Partner with the best conditions of the connection and to provide specialist technical support in the Installation of the Online module on the Client side. The increase in the number of independent travellers has had an impact on the volume of Online bookings from corporate: this Segment rose to 30% in 2016, and the service is gaining in popularity.

In addition to the classic module-booking on the Website, the company also has a number of other technologies that may be particularly attractive for travel agents developed. Among them: access to the xml Gateway and Service “Electronic cash”.

The latter is a virtual travel Agency , where you in a mode “one window” you can buy a wide range of services. Here you can arrange Tickets for every type of Transport, including the Aeroexpress to the airport, hotel reservations, transfers, insurance. The accounting reporting are available Online. System Updates are made automatically. In the System of the UFS, you can.the latest information about timetables of trains and flights, availability, categories, cars and food, classes, and tracks, a Ticket to issue and pay for it with a couple of payment instruments, ranging from credit card and Internet Banking, to Yandex Money, exotics or delayed payment in the network of the Salons of connection.

Separately it is worth to say about the warranty of the IT security company: a session is automatically terminated if no activity of the user, when registering, the employee receives notification every time with the access code, i.e., the binding of the IP address, and much more.

The result of the combination of such technologies and Services – the receiving of the additional income through the development of new or differentiation of an existing segment of the company. In any case, your audience will expect you to offer them access to a trust System, hotel booking trusted. Therefore, we recommend that remind us of our councils in the selection of a technology Partner.

More about the System “UFS Online” and the link to it on the website – www.ufs-partner.ruили by phone (495) 269-83-66. You can write to us at Contract@ufs-online.ru and we offer special conditions for the Installation of the “Online module”.

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