Explosions in Thailand: what to do when the tourists to leave tours?

For a long time Asia island” of tranquility remained relatively “on the world map. The terrorism went on for almost page length (with a few exceptions), and many Russians choose these exotic destinations for your recovery. But on the eve at the Resorts in Thailand, a series of explosions thundered.

According to preliminary information, four people lost their lives, injured more than 30. The explosions point occurred in tourist areas – Hua hin, Surat Thani, Phuket, Поттайе. The Russians in the Wake of the terrorist attacks were not injured, but did not rule out the probability that tourists will begin to abandon the Tour, for fear of terrorist attacks. In this case, the representatives of the tourism industry?
The topic at the request of the TRN commented law firm groups SanctaLex Pauline Гусятникова: “When purchasing the Tour, visitors have to sign a contract in which you are certain the procedure and the conditions for refusal of admissions. If the Ministry of foreign Affairs officially closes for tourists in the country, this Situation falls under action of article 14 of the law “About bases of tourist activity”. On their Basis it is possible to terminate the contract and to the complete repayment for unused paid Tour. In this case, a formal ban, so that, if desired, to cancel the trip at the tour you have to are in accordance with the contract”.

According to the PR-Director of the management company Internetwork “Hot Tours” and “TBG” Olga Ivanova, the Agency, the network at the Moment is not to fix cancellations of tours. “Some tourists, to clarify remembering how closed the Turkey, and Egypt call, whether the departure”, she added.

By the way, rosturizm not already requested the Russian tourists, located on the territory of Thailand to be vigilant and precautions to be followed: to visit crowded places, and no places of accommodation will not leave without the need of the instructions of the local authorities to follow.

We will note, on the eve of the Minister of Sport and tourism in Thailand Кобкарн Ваттанаврангкул was visiting Russia and met with the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Сафоновым sent. She reported that the strengthening of security in Thailand is planned. In particular, this year the double is the state of the tourist police in all the provinces of cure. In addition, the new scheme of procedure, which are not involved in the only representatives of the security agencies, but ordinary citizens embeds itself, just for safety in their areas.

We will remind, that for half a year the number of tourists from Russia to Thailand increased by 22% compared to the same period of the previous year. According to the analytical service RuSPO.ru in October, Thailand in a leading Position, 17% of the tourists looking for tours in this country to the middle of autumn.

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