Experts TURIZM.RU: exemption from registration — no reason to panic

On Wednesday, the 30. December, rosturizm excluded, 19 tourism companies from the Uniform Federal register of tour operators. Among them were several large companies, including “Pegas”, “Anex Tour”, “Coral travel” and “San Mar”. TURIZM.RU found out, that in this Situation, should tour.

The decision rostourism regarding the exclusion of 19 tour operators from the Unified Federal registration was to be taken after on Wednesday, 30. December, the Cabinet approved the list of types of work and services, the Turkish society are not able to put pressure on Russia since 1. January 2016. In this list, and the “Operation of the travel agents and other organisations providing services in the field of tourism”.

According to the lawyer Ilya Тугуева, the basis for the implementation of tour operator activities in accordance with the law “About bases of tourist activities” is the presence of insurance. If available, company Uniform Federal Register.

– In view of the Situation, — said the expert, — tour operators, which have been excluded from the registration on the basis of the decree of the government, which is unlikely to be able to continue the work. Because otherwise you are likely to encounter, with measures of administrative impact. Now it is difficult to predict what will happen next, the Situation will develop. This largely depends on the actions of the owner and the management of the tourist company. I think in the next few days it will be clearer. But during the tour I recommend not to give up, tours with departure on vacation. Hardly with the paid vouchers may be some problems. The more that trust on the money back right now, if the Situation is still uncertain, it is not worth it.

– We had similar cases in which the tour operator is excluded from the Registry for the reason that it is not, according to the law “About bases of tourist activity”, commented the expert of legal Agency “Persona Grata” Olga Плещук. — Then some tour operators decided to appeal against the order before the court. The processes are still ongoing, the decision has not yet been given. What for the tourists, a travel, then you will not have to worry, because the duty to fulfill their obligations from the contracts concluded on the implementation of турпродуктов with the tour operators be retained in full. The money from the customers you have, and had to pay for the services, partners, and the tourists give the documents for the trip.

Olga Плещук also advises all of the departures on vacation package, prior to departure, your travel agent, that the person, in turn, said the tour operator is going to take place, whether the journey of the tourists. All correspondence to lead officially. These measures will help to protect the tourists from misinformation to you from the page. When, suddenly, the tour operator informs about the impossibility of the Service, or tourists at the airport simply does not allow for the plane, at last has the right to demand compensation for damages in the insurance, since the insured event during the term of the insurance contract.