Experts believe that the burden on the Kuban Resorts reduce the opening of the borders with Abkhazia

KRASNODAR, the 18. /TASS/. The health resorts of the Region of Krasnodar following the resumption of work booked for the next day, the medium utilization of the accommodation capacity is already at 80%. It is expected that available spaces will appear after the opening of the Russian-Abkhaz border and the resumption of air traffic with Turkey, respondents TASS, industry experts, and representatives of the authorities of the Region.

Since 1. June in the Krasnodar Region back to work sanatoriums, medical license, 21. June, when the quarantine mode is lifted in the Region of the relaxing holiday season started. 27. June in the Region back to work objects of tourist demonstration, and 18. July to begin the work of water parks and attractions in the fresh air.

“Almost three months of holidays booked, at least until the end of September, the largest part of the Hotels booked. People want to entertain – the most important questions now to the holidaymakers, that they complied with the social дистанцирования, Hygiene, and everything that is required to remain, was certain in the conditions of a pandemic,” said TASS, the Chairman of the Committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Region with respect to the use of natural resources, the environment, security, Spa Джеус complex and tourism Alexander.

High season

After the Start of the season drastically reduced the number of bookings at the end, according to the industry places available in the popular Hotels and hotel Kuban, from which foreign competition has increased, not until the end of July. The average utilisation rate of the accommodation capacity in the Region reached 80%, and the booking are not durable.

“After the lifting of the quarantine, all wanted at the same time book. There is no next time, until 25 July, as in some Hotels, the places really at all. Employees, especially those Hotels that at the hearing, – large, with good infrastructure, high quality food – analogues in respect of the services for foreign Hotels, where the people are accustomed to rest on the program “all Inclusive”. As the borders remain closed and the people перебронируют your holiday with a foreign holiday destinations of accommodation options in the Krasnodar Region,” – said TASS, the representative of the travel Agency “Anapa – Tatyana’s day” Elena bogacheva.

According to her, the percentage of reservation of accommodation in the Krasnodar Region remains low, specialized on the systems of the “all Inclusive”. “Hotels, for example, do not have to wait as full meals, with Breakfast only to the guests,” she summed up.

Director of travel agencies “Pink Elephant” Алексан Mkrtchyan told TASS that the capacity utilization of the Resorts in the South of Russia varies depending on the popularity. Thus in a press-Service Resort “rosa Khutor” in Sochi, the Agency made it clear that the fixed the daily growth of the reservation, scheduled downloads to August – 80%, in a press-service of the other Sochi-Resort “Krasnaya Polyana” reported that the Hotels are already at 80%. “The positive dynamics of the booking for the stay until October,” said a representative of the resort. And according to the press service of the administration of Sochi, the utilization of most of the Hotels and guest houses the city has already reached 90%.

In the process, Mkrtchyan noted that, in this season in all the Resorts of the demand for long-term booking. According to him, last year in this period, already a holiday booked until the end of December, including Christmas tours, and now the reservation system are underway, especially in the autumn. In his opinion, it is due to the fear of the people about the second wave of the pandemic, and to be expected with the opening of the international Resorts, where the water temperature is comfortable for bathing, and in October.

If courts are free

The current high capacity utilization of the resorts in the South of Russia is a temporary. According to the interviewed experts of the tourism industry, the Hype around the holidays in the Region of Krasnodar, Abkhazian border, and the resumption of air traffic with Turkey is to the opening of the Russian -. These factors are the recovery of lead and to reduce the prices for on the Kuban Resorts. Even those who do not have time to wait for unloading of Hotels we recommend to pay attention on the units, not by the systems full of hostels.

To relieve “the opening of the border to Abkhazia clearly Russian Resorts and significantly reduces the prices for a holiday at Russian resorts, we have to reduce the prices in the range of 20%, especially in the Region of the eagle (the place is located on the border with Abkhazia),” – said TASS, the Director of travel agencies “Pink Elephant”.

At the present time the Russian-Abkhazian border is closed for tourists, restrictions apply until at least 21. Annually Kuban in the neighboring Abkhazia to rest, especially, Beach, hundreds of thousands of Russians.

Elena bogacheva said that the unloading of the southern resorts happens and after the resumption of air transport with Turkey, and a part of the tourists, забронировавшая holiday in Russia, you will void the reservation. “If, again, air travel in Turkey, a part of the people who go on holiday in August is cancelled to be included. Also we do not remain in full hotel load, for example, is not summed up as full meals, with Breakfast only, and they are waiting for the guests”, the interlocutor of the Agency.

About tourism in the Kuban

The Krasnodar Region is the main tourist Region in Russia, in the year 2019, the number of tourists in the Region amounted to approximately 17.3 million holidaymakers, the average utilisation rate of the accommodation capacities of 71.3%. Балаева TASS had previously reported that, in this season in the Region expect around 7 million tourists. Because of the Coronavirus in the Region has been a moratorium on the collection of local taxes by the end of the year 2020.

Abkhazia be extended until 21. July restrictions for crossing the border with Russia and the Anatolian Agency, citing the Ministry of transport of Turkey, said that Turkey and Russia agreed on the resumption of air links between the countries, with the 15. July. Neither the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation in the Federal Air Transport agency, this information prompt not comment.

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