Exclusion of liability for baggage: Plus or minus?

As reported, on the eve of the Russian Federal media, airline waive offered Минтрансу free baggage and hand Luggage. Transport companies will reach the limits for hand Luggage in the cabin up to 5 kg, and the rejection of free carriage of Luggage in the trunk.
According to Dmitry Sviridov, General Director of the “Купибилет.ru” that can bring this Innovation and the advantages and disadvantages.
“Today, according to the “rules of air transport” Ministry of transport, the minimum free baggage 10 kg per passenger. In addition, each airline sets its claims to both Luggage and hand Luggage, depending on the carrying capacity of the aircraft. Now the lowering of the minimum standard from 10 to 5 kg per passenger, which, in my opinion, not discussed, is so important for people, the business travel flight. Minus, perhaps, for the category of passengers who purchase fares without Luggage, in the hope that it fits in a 10 kg hand Luggage. Now you need to either buy a Ticket with Luggage, or not take, a part of things”, stressed Dmitry Sviridov.
According to him, for the rest of the passengers, if you pay the concept of “only for what you use”, such changes will only be Plus, is because each Ticket is placed, the fee is only 5 kg hand Luggage, so the flight is cheaper.

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