ETIHAD AIRWAYS launches a new Management System Luggage

Etihad Airways signed the agreement with the company Luggage Logistics with the aim of modernization of the system of delivery of Luggage at all airports, with the cooperation of the carrier.
The Baggage Management System (BMS) will deliver the Luggage without delay, and keep track of his whereabouts during the trip.
“BMS will receive information on schedules, passengers, the data of the border police. This will help to reduce the average delivery time of Luggage from the plane in the airport Terminal, but also safer making it the coordination between connecting flights, which will allow the aircraft to fly without delays”,-says in a press-service of the airline.
The information comes from employees of Etihad Airways in real time, makes it possible to accurately keep track of Luggage, and a sound, in case of an emergency.