Egypt invites the British company, deals with questions of safety at airports

Egypt wants the British company Control Risks Group, which deals with issues of security at the airports in the country, reported the Egyptian Portal Ahram Online, citing the Minister of tourism of the country Hisham Zazu.
This is the explanation of the officials at a press conference in Cairo. He is not to disclose the sum of the contract.
According to the words of the Minister, the first in the work is taken, airports in Sharm-El-Sheikh and Cairo.

On the eve of this decision, government officials in Egypt met with representatives of the leading international company, which deals with issues of comprehensive security.
The final decision on the partnership has been accepted on Tuesday, 21. December, after the Egyptian side, considered all offers.

We will notice, care of the Russian and British tourists from Egypt will cost the country’s economy with a loss in the amount of $300 million monthly.