Domestic tourism, China has $620 billion


The revenue from the industry inside the tourism in China by 2015, which amounted to 4 trillion Yuan, or more than $620 billion About it is said in the message of Association of tour operators of Russia with reference to the data of the Chinese National tourism Administration (CNTA).

Reaching such a lot of things are allowed, more than 4 billion trips, CNTA noticed the tumultuous growth of the domestic tourism market.

During this visit also tourism is a rapid growth. According to the results of the year 2015 abroad on holiday drove the 120 million Chinese people, against the 109 million a year earlier. CNTA believes that the growth of the Outbound Stream associated with a rise in incomes of the population and the liberalisation of the Visa policy for the people in China.

In the year 2016, the CNTA intends to focus on the development of agriculture and tourism in order to help get rid of the poverty in the poor regions of the people’s Republic of China.

The ever-increasing output current stimulates the Chinese airlines new international routes. According to the Chinadaily, in the year 2016, the airline of the people’s Republic of China is not less than 200 new international flights, most of which connects China with neighboring countries. It is, including, connected with the desire of Chinese companies to increase their presence in the countries of the so-called New silk road, the new “Economic Belt” interests of the people’s Republic of China, which takes place in Central Asia, Russia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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