Day of the Russian cinema and online voyage

The group of companies online voyage is the day of Russian cinema in the Park “Sokolniki” and invites all those who are interested, on this great holiday. 27. August, in one of the Central scenes of the Park the concert program with participation of stars of Russian cinema and Russian music.
Annually on the 27. August on the territory of the Russian Federation celebrates the day of Russian cinema – the festival of native film-makers and all lovers of cinema. In addition, by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin the year 2016 has been announced the year of the Domestic cinema. This year, 120 years, will be present since the first in Russia, 80 years – “Союзмультфильму”.
In this context, the GC “Online travel” in the run-up to its 10-year anniversary of the execution of a concert, to the devoted day of the Russian cinema. “Movie screen transforms us all into tourists, isn’t it? Films like “the Twelve chairs”, “the Big change”, “Ivan Vasilyevich changes the profession”, “doctor Zhivago” in the main role, in Yaroslavl, “dog in the manger” – in Livadia(Crimea), “a Cruel romance” in Kostroma. Кинохудожники show the viewer those places in their full glory, and we, the tour operator, virtual travel will become “real”. Something we have really similar, that will give unforgettable journey and impressions,” – said President of the group of companies online voyage Ceyhun Huseynov.
In the program songs from the most popular Russian films in the execution of the popular artists. Headlining the event is singer and actress Anastasia Makeeva, the singer, one of the best compatible with the baritone, Vladislav Kosarev and the Chief ensign of the country – people’s artist of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kharatyan. The Moderator of the event – DJ “car radio”, the host of the show “disco of the 80s” Igor Bogdanov.
Everyone who came on Saturday evening in the “Sokolniki” will be able not only spectators but also participants in the program. Not without gifts and surprises – the evening will be a Grand raffle, and a rousing Disco.
The date of carrying out: on 27. August 2016. The gathering of guests with 16-30. Concert programme starts at 17 -00
Venue: Park “Sokolniki”, “Veranda dance”. The admission is free.

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