Croatia will invest 15 million Kuna in tourism infrastructure

The Ministry of tourism of Croatia calls upon the investors and the authors of the projects participating in the state program of development of tourism infrastructure in the country.

In their framework funded makes Croatian, up to 80% (in some cases) from the scope of the costs to the realization of a specific project. The minimum size of the authorized Fund is 100 thousand Kuna.

An open invitation is valid until 15. In September 2016. For more information about the conditions for participation in the project, please visit the official Website of the Ministry of tourism of Croatia.

As said yesterday during the meeting, the last in the city of Osijek, Minister of tourism of Croatia, Anton Климан, in total, the program is a 15 million Kuna.

The money will be used to co-Finance projects in connection with the construction of the new beaches, the repair or the creation of tourist and information centres, as well as with the improvement of the tourist infrastructure (gazebos, benches, and stops on the tourist routes).

“By investing in projects of infrastructure of tourism, such as beaches and ТИЦы, we have a new Basis for the attraction of tourists. This increases the attractiveness of individual destinations, and the competitiveness of the entire tourism industry of the country”, – stressed the Minister.

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