Chinese graduates оголились in front of potential employers

More than a thousand graduates of Chinese schools in Qingdao (Shandong province on the coast of the Yellow sea) participated in the annual спецпоказе in a Bikini for the possibility of a stewardesses. About it reports the Daily Mail.

As notes the edition, the presentation is part of the competitions, according to the results of the successful candidates get the Chance to have stewardesses or models. You defilirovali in a Bikini and shape of the airline before the public and potential employers — the representatives of the airlines, and Model agencies from the provinces of Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi and other.

The organizer of the Show, Model Agency, Oriental Beauty, notes that the increase in the participant should not be less than five feet six inches (about 168 cm). In addition, the girls have to be “elegant, slender, with a pleasant voice and no scars on the open areas of the body.”

In China, the airlines have extremely strict requirements on the Stewardess like, so flight attendants, very representative.

In June, the flight attendants of Air France to the top of the ranking of the most attractive flight attendants, a structured Internet Portal B Aeronautics. Among the major air-beauties were also the workers of Singapore Airlines (second place in the Top list) and the staff of “Aeroflot” (third place).