China restricted North Korean Air Koryo after crash landing

Smoke in the cabin of the aircraft in the Air Koryo

17. August 2016, AVIADO.RU — office for civil aviation (CAAC) in China introduced to the operational restrictions on its territory, the North Korean airline Air Koryo, according to the forced landing of your aircraft in Shenyang, said on Wednesday the news Agency China News Service, citing the auditor.

In July, flight JS151 of the North Korean airline Air Koryo an emergency landing at the Taoxian international airport of the Chinese city of Shenyang from the fire. The plane did fly on the route Pyongyang — Beijing. On Board 60 passengers and 15 crew were members, none of them has not suffered.

In the course of the investigation, CAAC, it turned out that the smoke was under the Luggage rack between 20 and 27 in the vicinity of the right-hand side of the aircraft. The controller defines the incident as a potentially hazardous incident. The auditor also demanded of Air Koryo, reinforced the training of crews for the event of possible emergencies, training on a case of emergence of problems with tyres, engine, декомпрессией in the cabin, but also the suitability of the fleet of the company for the maintenance. In addition to this, Air Koryo, the improvement of the skills of the interaction of its crew was a pilot required with a flight.

After the emergency landing in Shenyang, the passengers of flight JS151 redirected to another flight to Beijing.

The prices of air tickets from Moscow to Pyongyang, after months of:

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