British Airways will no longer fly your favorite Boeing 747. And this is why

So, “British Airways” in the coming months the operation of all 28 of its Boeing 747. This question was actively discussed in the society.

However, this news is for experts not a surprise. Currently, all 28 of the huge aircraft is parked. Originally planned out of the Park all the 747-E in the year 2024 will bring. Now, it is accelerated to “in the coming months”.

As one of the main reasons for the early and strong rejection of “British” to call the expected lack of demand in the coming years. In addition, this четырехмоторные planes are not as economical as its modern counterparts. And with an average age of 20 years, you are still require a more frequent maintenance.

However, it is a sad event for connoisseurs of air travel. For many of the “Boeing-747” is a Symbol of the British Airways. The predecessor of “British Airlines” BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corp.) took into operation the first double-Decker Liner already in the year 1971. And more recently 747 aircraft under the flag of the BA could be seen in airports around the world. Until the story began with the novel coronavirus.

Many Fans of “Boeing-747” emphasize the magic of the aircraft, which revolutionized the travel. It is one of the few cruise ships that offers a unique atmosphere on an exclusive upper deck.

Although British Airways is the largest current operator of the Boeing 747-400, it is not the first that passed with the Queen. Since the months of the pandemic, KLM, Qantas and Virgin Atlantic for separately, with its Jumbos.

In the world of a few operators, “Boeing-747” remains. The truth is, many of them use a more modern version: 747-8, the oblong, the upper deck, as well as the new structure of the wing. The best-known airlines — Air China, Korean Air, and Lufthansa. But all American airlines written-off their 747-E in the period of 2010-he years.

The consequences of a pandemic caused by a novel Coronavirus, for the air travel industry will take a long time. When the time comes to traveling, the pilot’s seats, hand wheels for the newer aircraft, and many of the most popular and trusted us with the Giants, unfortunately, are on the cemetery of the planes, ships. TURIZM.RU

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