Became known the date of the increase of the prices for airline tickets

Авиатарифы on international flights from Russia, expressed in Euro, rise in the night to Wednesday, 30. December. Reported on the Portal

As notes the edition, the course of the Euro for sale international air tickets is updated weekly on Wednesdays. In turn, ruble prices are for the course of the Euro-Central Bank of Russia on Tuesday. Is it rounded to 50 cents in a big way.

So, at 29. December the official rate of the Euro promoted 55,32 cents, up 77,60 rubles. So, for the sale of airline tickets in the next week will be applied course in the 78 rubles for one Euro. So, the increase is 50 cents (last week the course was in 77,5 rubles for one Euro).

Due to the fact that a number of transport companies used a similar course for some fees on flights to Russia, you can also be more expensive, but the increase is sometimes less.

It is assumed that the majority of airline tickets abroad, and also a part of the fees by some airlines on domestic flights will rise by about 0.6 percent.

27. December, the managing Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (Ator) Maya Lomidze reported that the Christmas holidays abroad, rest one-third fewer Russians than a year earlier.

Rosstat, for the first nine months of the year, 2015 departure-the number of tourists from Russia fell 31.4 percent over the previous year and amounted to 9.9 million trips. The reason is the increase in the US Dollar and the Euro against the ruble.