Batch and stand-alone tourism: where is the benefit?

Yandex will be explored, as in the last year, prices for package tours, but also determined to change, much cheaper than this.

According to the data of Yandex.Travel, even cheaper in most некурортных cities (Budapest, Vienna, Kazan), on Bali, in India, some of the Resorts in Europe and Southeast Asia. For example, if you organize a one-week stay for two people in a four-star Hotel, when traveling on the Spanish Mallorca this summer you can save around 7 million Euro, in Vienna — 15 thousand, and in Bali — more than 35 thousand rubles.

Instructions to win a prize, if you sent in Tunisia and some of the Resorts in Israel, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and the Mediterranean sea. So, a week-long Tour for two adults with accommodation in a four-star Hotel in Rhodes cost 10 thousand, and in Pattaya and the Tunisian Monastir — almost 40 thousand rubles cheaper than self-drive.

In Russia in most cases is cheaper to self-organize the trip. With the exception of the Kaliningrad region, the Caucasian mineral waters and some Resorts in the Region of Krasnodar. If not buy the Tour and self-drive for a week in a four-star Hotel in Yalta or Sochi, then you can save up to 10 thousand rubles for two. And in the Kaliningrad region, the same vacation package will cost 20 thousand cheaper than self-drive.

“Batch-tours in the South of Russia is not always more expensive independent travel. Sometimes a tour operator buy-back Charter flights and seats in the Hotels of Krasnodar Region, the tourist allows you to save a considerable sum, — says Vladimir gorovoy, CEO of Yandex.Travel. — For example, this Winter a Ticket for the ski resorts in the South of Russia with departure from St.-Petersburg it was possible to buy for 15 thousand rubles, while in the case of the self-employed travel alone, the flights would cost 18 thousand rubles”.


In the fall of 2015 on the tourist market, there were several important events: the bankruptcy of the airline “Transaero” for the closure of the Russian tourists in Turkey and Egypt, the introduction of biometric Schengen visas. Together with a decline in the exchange rate of the ruble these events the reason for the General increase in the prices for package trips.

How to change the value of permits in some areas in comparison to June 2015, interest
Will be shown frequently in the direction of the category of Hotels

According to the data of Yandex.Travel, most significantly, the instruction increased in Montenegro, Croatia and Bulgaria. Probably, for many Russians, this development of affordable replacement of the Resorts of Turkey. In the case of rising costs of the tours are also not cheap documents “Transaero could affect this year”.

The value of permits in Western Europe and Greece grew so strong, and in some Resorts even decreased. The popularity of these travel destinations limited, the relatively high prices and the need for biometric visa. Alone here in Paris, where prices are up by a third it is obvious that it was in connection with the FIFA world Cup.

About the same as in Western Europe, changing the value of the permits on the main Russian resort. The demand is here, grown more, but the price is not dependent on the exchange rate of the ruble. In Yalta the average are not changed prices for the year, in Sochi, to 11-12% for three – and five-star Hotels rose, but a bit cheaper “Quartet”.

From other directions, at least the prices increased for traditionally more expensive Resorts, Bali, the Maldives, Cancun. In Thailand’s Pattaya is significantly cheaper five-star-Hotels — 15-20%. Resorts in the Middle East — Dubai-Eilat — rose stronger: it is possible, where the Russians went, the recovered sooner in Egypt. Also quite significantly, the prices have increased for five-star Hotels in the Dominican Republic.

At the end of June 2016, and Russia, all of the restrictions for the visit of tourists in Turkey. The market responded quite sluggishly: the prices on most of the directions are almost not changed. The value of permits declined in Turkey first, and then increased apparently expected influx of Russian tourists. After the military coup on July 15-16, when it became clear that the postponed the resumption of Charter flights to Turkey, traveling become cheaper.

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