Associations of the Declaration

Federal coordinating Council of the professional and public tourist associations of Russia, a Declaration on the prospects for the growth of the inner and Incoming tourism.

“In the year 2015 in Russia is developing the new conditions, thus began the cardinal growth of the inlandtourismus. For growth in the year 2016, there should be immediate solutions for the development of the necessary tourist infrastructure, remove administrative barriers and active to popularize domestic tourism potential in the country and abroad”, – said the Co-Chairman of the Federal coordinating Council of professional and public tourist associations of Russia Karen Potter.

In particular, in the Council, it is assumed that in the field of internal tourism , they must take the following steps:

– Create the city and the increasing tourist development for the introduction of innovative турпродуктов and other Relay in the regions.

– Take the Federal target program for the creation of the 2016-2020 years, 1 Million places in collective tourist accommodation on the Basis of the new 5-7 thousand Hotels of category 2 -3 stars for the determination of the value-added tax of 10%.

– Changes in the tax code of the Russian Federation about the direction of taxes, the service of tourist services in the regions and municipalities, these services, for the development of tourism on the ground.

– Allow citizens the means accumulated personal accounts (maps) of the statutory health insurance, private health insurance, on the payment of tourist travel in Russia.

– Create General tips for the development of domestic tourism in the Federal districts in the Russian Federation with the participation of public authorities and the tourism industry for an effective cooperation in the development and implementation of appropriate programs and plans.

And in the field of Incoming tourism are the following offers:

– Enter the E-visa, so that your free application for groups, for foreign participants in cultural and sporting events, scientific and youth exchanges, for children and older people.

– Take the Federal Standard, the uniform design of the tourist pointer

– Open a multilingual Call Center-assistance for foreign tourists.

– The active cooperation with international tourist organizations for the exchange of experiences to promote the турпродуктов of the Russian Federation in the countries and regions, which are among the largest donors to the Incoming traffic.
Maybe for the better coordination of activities of all structures involved need to reformat the bodies of state administration in the field of tourism, including:

– To submit to the Federal Agency for tourism (in the rank of the Federal Ministry) directly to the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation, with the transfer Ростуризму powers for the formulation and implementation of the state policy in the field of tourism.

– Open the representation rostourism in the regions (after consultation) to work with regional authorities and companies for the adoption and implementation of programs and projects for the development of tourism on the ground.

– Create in the state Duma of the VII convocation of the Committee responsible for tourism, for ensuring the development of internal and Incoming tourism in the Russian Federation.

Federal coordinating Council of the professional and public tourist associations in Russia believes that the development and implementation of programs for the development of tourism in the Russian Federation must take place with the active participation of the tourism industry, professional tourism associations and public tourist organizations.