As the year changed prices in Russian Hotels

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The Portal Trivago calculated, as for the year, prices for accommodation in Hotels popular with travellers cities of Russia. For comparison, the average cost of rooms in day — in December 2014 and in December 2015.

And it turned out that the tourists will now be able to pay for the night in a Hotel a little less than a year ago! In the country the price was under 10 percent. By the end of 2015. it amounted to 4700 euros per day.

Amazing, isn’t it? The experience says something quite different: you want a room at a familiar Hotel, and the money for him to ask, more than in the last journey. Professionals in the tourism sector confirm this: almost all the Hotels in the cities of the Golden ring and on the Black sea prices increased by at least 15 percent of Hoteliers violently to Inflation and increasing demand.

How is it so? Who adjusted? Actually, the explanation is simple: depending on what with nothing to compare. If you are one and the same room in the same Hotel, Wellness Hotels, holiday house, now he is more expensive than a year ago (in most cases).

But if you are the average prices in the whole city (Moscow, Sochi, etc) — they are lower. Because in addition to the “old”, really подорожавшим Hotels, opened more Budget place — not only Hotels, but also Hostels, pensions, Guest Houses. In the end, is the arithmetic mean less. However, for tourists, and in this there is a Plus — the more options, the more real, the right balance of comfort and cost.

How have the prices for accommodation in Hotels in different cities of Russia

(Given the average cost of the rooms in the Hotel (day, in rubles), and how much percent it dropped in December 2015 compared to December 2014)

Moscow 5540 Rubles -7%

St. Petersburg 3855 Rubles -3%

Sochi 4070 Euros, -7%

Kazan 3505 Rubles -15%

Suzdal 3440 Euro -5%

Yaroslavl 3155 Rubles -8%

Nizhny Novgorod 3155 Rubles -21%

Rostov-on-don 3645 rubles -25%

According to the Portal Trivago