As a surprise to tourists Oblast Novosibirsk?

In the economic crisis, when the “native” foreign Resorts for Russian tourists as long as remain closed, there are all the prerequisites for the development of domestic tourism. In the Novosibirsk Region to understand and actively participate in the “struggle” for the tourists. Here is already developed and seem to be targeted programmes for the development of domestic tourism, the plans for the promotion of new tourist products of the Region in the year 2016.

About what you expect in this Segment in the Novosibirsk Region, the correspondent of TRN told the Deputy head of the Department of Marketing of the Region and of foreign economic activity of the Ministry for economic development of the Novosibirsk Region Anastasia Ивашина.

The Resort “Lake Karachi”

As said by the expert, the economic development of the Region the active work on “Clustering in the tourism sector” of the Region.

“If one or two companies, be combined with each other on the Basis of co-financing, attract investors in the industry. Recently, the Ministry of economic development of the Novosibirsk Region has requested, in rosturizm for the development of the Wellness-Spa tourism in the Mecklenburg Cluster, on the Basis of sanatorium “Oz. Karachi”. This ambitious project Ростуризмом has been approved. We arrived in the Federal target program” – said the expert.
Are supervised by the regional authorities and on the residents of the Siberian Region interested in cultural and cognitive tourism.

“In Novosibirsk there was approved the new package of tourist services provided, together Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre and the Hotel “Marriott”, located just opposite the theatre. – the official said. – It is convenient for visitors, at the weekend, from the Altai Region, Tomsk, Kemerovo areas: after the show, you can stay in the Hotel. We hope that our neighbors to actively use this Service”.

Tax relief

In the framework of the state program of the Novosibirsk Region “the promotion of investment and innovative activities in the Novosibirsk Region on 2015-2021 years,” the Region has турбизнесу financial support in tax benefits. It is the organizations of the tax or the tax on the profit. Also by the means of regionalbudgets issued, grants, for example, for the payment of the interest for Bank loans or for reimbursement of expenses incurred for the performance of work in connection with the implementation of an investment project.

“In the year 2015, in accordance with this program receive state support in the Form of subsidies for reimbursement of expenses incurred for the performance of work in connection with the construction of the indoor, year-round water Park with a Hotel and a separate boiler room), in the amount of 134 million euros.

In addition, we support and business tourism. Company “Siberia Expocenter” support in the Form of subsidies for the payment of interest on Bank credit in the amount of 9.9 million Euro, and also the services the tax advantage of the tax organization in the amount of 28.0 million

In addition, the company “CSG-Novosibirsk” in the context of the completion of construction works in the Hotel Park Inn by Radisson in the year 2015 was made available to the tax advantage of the tax organization in the amount of 2.2 million rubles”, – noted the Anastasia Ивашина.

Holiday on the farm – the new Trend

“We often have to turn to the investors, the building of the rural houses all year round. Here you can relax not only in summer, walking on rural roads, but also in the Winter, skiing or sledding with the mountain. The head of the regions on the question, with the citizens who rent their apartment. Many villagers of the rooms in the houses are empty, it is a farm. You practically costs nothing guests, and the money for such services, you will get decent”.

From Novosibirsk to Salekhard on the boat 5*

One direction of the inside of the tourism in the Novosibirsk Region promising a new development in 2016. Tourism Cluster “Бердская pearl” a few years ago, began in the satellite town of Novosibirsk – Berdsk. This promising place in the ecologically clean green with pine forest on the shore of the ob reservoir.

In the Cluster potential. One of the most important points of the realization of the project must be the creation of a unique туруслуги. In the Novosibirsk Region should take a river cruise. It is a large-scale event. The company from St. Petersburg chartered ship, Level of Service, on the promises, is very high. During stops, tourists can visit the most interesting places, this Investor plans to the route to expand.