All according to the law: subsidies to tour operators – to whom and for what?

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation a draft of the resolution “On granting subsidies from the Federal Budget for state support of tour operators”. The document was created to support and development of the inner tourism in Russia. The Text of the decree placed on the official Portal.
In the framework of the project, “All under the law” this document analyzes expert, attorney, Mediator, Dmitry Morozov:
“Of the discussed projects can be directly drawn three conclusions: it is not just about the support of tour operators, the money of that grant planned on gratuitous and irrevocable Basis (in accordance with article 78 of the budgetary code of the Russian Federation); subsidies size of 1 to 2 thousand rubles per 1 residential.
The aid may be granted only to tour operators, registered on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Touring-Stream on the Tourist рекриационных and cultural-cognitive tourist routes, in the list of supported priority routes in the Russian Federation.
Procedures for the submission of applications for grants is not complicated. Is required to submit cost documentation to prove the legal capacity of tour operators, evidence of the implementation of the tourist products and the costs incurred by the tour operator. It is likely that the receipt of these subsidies is the economic feasibility in the case of a sufficiently large quantity of transmitted in the specific direction of the tourists. But in General, the project, and assumes that the right to subsidies have the tour operator отправившие to certain specified directions of 500 people. Nevertheless, a positive fact for the granting of subsidies for the reimbursement of the travel organiser is confirmed expenditure in the framework of the contract about realization of tourist product.
It should also be noted that the grants are for the tour operators on the basis of an agreement on the granting of subsidies, the agreement between the organiser and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, but not Ростуризмом.
Today, in the Register of tour operators with financial guarantees in the amount of 500 thousand rubles 3694 tour operators listed.
Probably, many medium-sized and big tour operators try such a subsidy. It has understanding, the sense, in advance all documents to be in order to apply for it immediately if necessary.
I emphasize once again, it goes to the project, and so far, one can only speculate about what changes he will. in consequence of However, such a move by the Ministry of culture турбизнесу with optimism allows you to look to the future and actively participate in the development of the domestic tourism”.

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