A popular destination of foreign tourism Russians was the South-East Asia

After the stop of air traffic with Egypt, the interests of the Russian tourists were in South-East Asia. In November, the most popular are steel-tours in Thailand, India and Vietnam, reported on Monday, 28. December, TASS with the reference to the Association of tour operators of Russia (Ator).

In particular, in November 2015, the demand on tours in 13 countries out of the Top thirty. The first three positions to fill, Thailand, India, Vietnam. Tourists are also interested in United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Abkhazia. Separately the increased interest in travel to China.

In addition, 2.4 percent of the Russians, who intend to entertain within the country.

After the lifting of air traffic with Turkey and the suspension of flights to Egypt in the autumn of 2015, many foreign countries have declared intent to form for the Russians, an Alternative to this popular holiday destinations. Including, for example, Kenya, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Russia, Tunisia and Greece.