A Manager in tourism? It’s very easy!

MINI-MBA is the proven Format of Business education, it is possible to structure knowledge about the personal growth, strategic and operational Management, Finance management, Marketing and sales, human resources and project management.

A qualified operations Manager — easy!

In collaboration with the International Business School, City Business School, we have an MBA program and Mini MBA, remained on the employees areas of tourism, Hotel and hospitality, MICE, gastronomy and services.

Only until 31. December 2015, you will have the Chance to widen their options and a better Job to find a professional in your area and a welcome staff for many companies. We invite you, in the System of distance learning the largest Business schools in the country.

So, 81% of the students, the MBA graduate, arranged to paid positions in the reliable company. About 62% of the students, the MBA degree, your average monthly income is over 90%.

For the specialization include more specialized Online conference, the leading experts. After completion of the training, you will receive 2 prestigious diploma: Russian and European (recognised not only in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, but also in Europe and the USA).
In addition, after the training on the programs, the additional training to work in any industry. Special conditions: a discount of 58% applies only to partners and members of the media holding company Travel German News. The cost for the training is only 28 600 euros instead of 68 000 euros.

We free advice on the phone and answer all questions. Just have to leave the application!