A drunken passenger, the minibus with the runway in Moscow-Sheremetyevo

in a press-service of Sheremetyevo international airport

A drunken passenger, filmed with a flight before departure, the minibus with the runway at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. About Sunday, 3. January, reported the TV channel LifeNews.

The incident with the participation of the native of the Rostov region occurred on the afternoon of the 1. January. After landing on Board the 24-year-old man who has to fly to Rostov-on-don, began to behave appropriately. Rowdy already with the flight and wanted to deliver, by the police. However, he rose from the ladder, the man ran out on the runway to our Bus, intended for transportation of passengers of the Business class. Sitting behind the steering wheel, he wore a barrier and drove with the airport.

The offender was arrested, on the Yaroslavl highway, from where it was at the police station in Moscow-Sheremetyevo. Due to the incident no one was hurt. It will be noted that later the inhabitants of the Rostov Region flew home. It is obliged to pay a fine and compensation for material damage.

In April of last year in the Czech Republic was to a prison sentence of two and a half years in prison, the Russian Evgeny Догаев, the attempt, the kidnapping of the plane of company “Aeroflot”. In December 2006 Догаев, in an alcohol intoxication, being, tried to break into the Cockpit of the aircraft, on route from Moscow to Geneva. He asked for the plane to land in Cairo, and threatened the bomb to explode. After landing in Prague, Rowdy was arrested.